Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clumping Disorder

I propose that we classify a new form of disease I am calling 'Cain Syndrome' or 'Clumping Disorder'. The mechanism of this disorder have their origins in a class of chemical compounds commonly called lectins. Simply put, lectins are proteins that bind to sugars on cell walls.

For example, some viruses use lectins to attach themselves to the cells of the host organism during infection. Another example is Ricin, a chemical known to the general public for it's role in bioterrorism. But few know that it's toxicity results from a potent lectin:


Several notable people have developed dietary theories based on the biochemical processes of lectins:



These investigations due a decent job of alerting people to the harmful nature of these chemicals, but the true extent of the damage caused by these compounds has never been fully researched.

I am proposing that these chemicals are contributing to a nationwide health problem, effecting approximately 50% of the population. And in all likelihood, contributing to the symptoms associated with diabetes, MS, lupus, epilepsy, etc.

You are probably thinking to yourself: "Aren't the causes of these diseases genetic?". To which I would say: "Yes, but if everyone smoked cigarettes, then lung cancer would be genetic!". In other words, it is very probable that a large percentage of the population has a genetic predisposition for this disorder, that would otherwise not be expressed were it not for their diet!

A good example is Crohn's Disease. This is almost certainly an advanced form of Gluten Intolerance, which has a genetic marker that can be verified. But if an individual with this marker does not eat gluten, then harmful protein and antigens are not produced, and therefore no disease occurs. See how simple this is!

We need to look closely at these diseases and disorders from the point of view of a Unified Theory of Health: genome --> molecular expression --> illness --> microbial interaction --> and back to genome.

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